Any Facebook consumer can download this application.

CSIC develops web application to test visual intelligence of Facebook users A team of experts from the Spanish National Research Council are suffering from a web application to check the visual cleverness of Facebook users through the social networking should be taken . The new platform will enable researchers to test different cognitive skills also to obtain large amounts of data that determine what parameters have an effect on the brain’s visual capability. Any Facebook consumer can download this application , which consists of different testing for measuring visual cleverness and calculation ability.

treating ED

Under emergency conditions, the endothelial cells and perivascular stromal cells that reside in the spleen are induced to proliferate, so they can sustain all the fresh blood-forming stem cells that migrate into the spleen, said Dr. Morrison, who’s also a CPRIT Scholar in Malignancy Research and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator. We determined that process in the spleen is physiologically important for responding to hematopoietic tension; without it, the mice we studied cannot maintain normal blood cell counts during pregnancy or quickly regenerate bloodstream cell counts after bleeding or chemotherapy. Based on this new information regarding the spleen's emergency backup part for blood cell development, therapeutic interventions could be developed in the future to enhance blood formation following chemotherapy or bone marrow transplantation and thus accelerate the recovery of blood cell counts..