Antibiotics: do they have an effect on contraceptives?

Antibiotics: do they have an effect on contraceptives? NPS MedicineWise has released details for consumers on the subject of taking antibiotics when also using hormonal contraceptives, explaining there are only two antibiotics that affect how hormonal contraceptives function. There are several misconceptions regarding the effect of antibiotics in our bodies, says NPS MedicineWise scientific adviser Dr Philippa Binns noticias de farmacia . Come back any leftover pills to your pharmacy for disposal.” To learn more on contraception and antibiotics, visit..

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Antibiotics are proven ineffective for coughs: Try Chinese medicine and herbs instead As even more research is done regarding so-called non-traditional healthcare, doctors and scientists are rediscovering old remedies that are increasingly supplanting today’s standard treatments for several conditions. That includes coughs that accompany the flu or mild chest infections often, according to a lately published research in the journal Lancet. About 2,000 individuals from across 12 Europe had been tasked with keeping an illness journal, the BBC reports. Researchers from the University of Southampton, led by Prof. Paul Little, discovered that the severity and duration of symptoms in those who had been treated with antibiotics were no different than those who took a placebo .