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Answer to troublesome relevant question of so why some genetic assoc. Research have failed replication attempts A team of experts from Harvard School of Public Health , Brigham and Women’s Medical center , and somewhere else have described a possible reason why some studies have been unable to replicate associations between genes and traits – – namely that the effectiveness of a gene/trait association might vary with age and that current research designs typically neglect to take that into account. The paper was chosen for early publication on the web on the American Journal of Individual Genetics web site on April 3, 2008, and can come in the April 11 print issue of the journal .

Mortality rates have continued to decrease across all four major cancers sites in guys and in women except for female lung cancer, where rates continued to increase by 0.2 % each year from 1995 to 2004. Death prices from all cancers mixed peaked in 1990 for men and in 1991 for women. Between 1990/1991 and 2004, death rates from cancers decreased by 18.4 % among men and by 10.5 % among women Lung cancer incidence rates are declining in men and appear to be plateauing in women after increasing for most decades. Colorectal malignancy incidence rates reduced from 1998 through 2004 in both males and in females. Feminine breast cancer incidence prices decreased by 3.5 percent per year from 2001 to 2004, after increasing since 1980.