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Also, given changing Medicare and Medicaid payment models, hospitals with poor track records in medication administration will be facing significant cuts in cost reimbursement. Earlier this full week, the business announced an agreement with PHACTS, which enables it to offer an end-to-end medication administration program that streamlines pharmacy procedures now, tracks medications from receiving to individual care areas and reports inventory utilization across the health system. Sunday On, Dec. 5, CareFusion will web host their annual Pyxis consumer user group themed ‘Bringing Protection and Practice to a New Level’. David Kvancz, vice president, National Pharmacy Programs & Providers of Kaiser Permanente, will moderate the discussion centered on how customers can maximize Pyxis technologies for financial and security benefits.This demonstrates how they are wreaking havoc with the ongoing health of these who take them, causing damage that much outweighs any benefit they could offer. Big Pharma’s extremely deceptive advertising means that statin medications help everyone who will take them. So if 10,000 people required the drugs, we’re promised, center attacks will be prevented in every 10,000 people. That is the implied message in the medication ads, anyway. But that is a crazy exaggeration and distortion of the reality just. Most drugs don’t focus on a lot of people, and statin medicines only ‘function’ on about 2.7 percent of these who take them.