An expert on the science of taste and smell.

Restrepo, an expert on the science of taste and smell, said the discovery expands our understanding of how the olfactory system filters and categorizes the thousands of odors that bombard the brain daily.

Each of these programs keep their current name, but as a forward health programs must be known.For more information on Forward Health programs, visit here.Smells are detected as RevealedScientists are trying to figure out how to detect odors and processed by the brain, have discovered a previously unknown step in the process.The four-year study on how mice odors odors, showed that up up picked up by the olfactory bulb – the first stop on the way to the brain – then sent to the olfactory cortex for further analysis. But scientists discovered something else – a dialogue between the bulb and the cortex conducted by rapidly firing nerve cells.Spatula AR, Jones JS, Angie S, Babineau D.J. Urol 177 : 1843-1845, May 2007.Doi: 10.070Narrated by Editor Elspeth M.