An antibody known as CR6261.

Antibody recognition of a conserved epitope across influenza infections highly The discovery of the molecule, an antibody known as CR6261, is good news for researchers who hope to design a flu vaccine that could give humans lifelong protection against a majority of influenza viruses. The antibody also has the potential to take care of those people who are unvaccinated and become infected with the flu propecia wikipedia suomi . The team’s results were released in the February 26, 2009, problem of Science Express, an advance, on the web publication of selected study papers from the prestigious journal Science .Phil., a professor in the Department of Molecular Biology and an associate of The Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology at Scripps Research.

Antibacterial wipes might spread bacteria Antibacterial wipes which have become popular in lots of homes increasingly, nursing homes, schools and hospitals, may not it seems be the answer when it comes to eliminating dangerous bacteria. Actually according to new analysis they may even do more damage than good. A team of researchers at Cardiff University in Wales recommend such wipes may not be the ultimate answer in hygiene and may even spread, than kill rather, bacteria. The researchers from the University’s College of Pharmacy conducted assessments on the effectiveness of three different types of antibacterial wipes made up of either traditional disinfectants, detergents or natural antimicrobial chemicals extracted from plants.