Amy Winehouse loss of life spotlights alcohol poisoning Loss of life by misadventure.

Winehous’s blood contained 416 milligrams of alcoholic beverages per 100 milliliters at the time of her death, pathologist Suhail Baithun said. That equals a a bloodstream alcohol level of 0.4 %. The U and British.S. Legal drunk-driving limit is 0.08 %. Many people don’t realize that alcohol can destroy you if taken in large enough doses, drug abuse expert Dr. Scott T. Walters, professor of behavioral and community health at the University of North Texas Health Technology Center, told CBS News in an email. A depressant, alcoholic beverages can slow vital functions like breathing and heartrate to the point they stop. There is no minimum dosage for acute alcohol poisoning and the condition varies depending on someone’s age, gender, and fat.According to Ruben Gennero, a Latin American health care and pharmaceutical analyst with IHS Global Insight, only eight medicines currently comply with bioequivalency standards; by the end of January 2012, however, ANAMED intends to enforce these requirements for a lot more than 300 medications. .

Cancer vaccine displays improved response price in patients A vaccine for one of the most lethal cancers, advanced melanoma, has improved response price and progression-free survival for patients when combined with immunotherapy drug Interleukin-2, according to research led by scientists from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer tumor Center and Indiana University Health Goshen Center for Cancers Care.