All patients were instructed to use the cream nightly for one month

All patients were instructed to use the cream nightly for one month. After two months, the area where the tumor had been biopsied. Ten % of the group with imiquimod had a residual tumor, compared to 30 % of the placebo group . The majority of the imiquimod users also had a better cosmetic appearance, with mostly flat and slightly pink appearance at the lesion. Possible recurrence of the skin cancer risk of traditional treatment, said Dr. Ceilley. This study showed promise for reducing that risk, but more research needs to be done. 5FU is a topical chemotherapy, which affects the metabolism of cells and prevents them from growing. It is also used breast, colon breast, colon and esophageal cancer. Although there are limited data on the use of 5FU for basal cell carcinoma, small studies have shown that it is an effective therapy and may – with surgery.

Coagulation depends on the sequential activation of proteins called clotting factors, in the production of in the production of fibrin – the protein, which is the mesh of the clot. This process must be tightly regulated, as too little clotting can lead to bleeding disorders and too much clotting can block blood vessels that cause strokes and heart attacks triggers.


Conclusions of the the studies show that hinders Onconase neuroblastoma cell proliferation and induced caspase – independent cell death in the neuroblastoma cells , regardless of P-gp expression or p53 status by the from the multi-drug multi-drug resistance to in neuroblastoma and how most of the others of human cancers. Transmission electron microscopy studies suggesting, 100.000 children inducing a process in called neuroblastoma cell autophagy that leads to apoptosis . Anti – tumor activity of onconase on drugs and lower case chemoresistant neuroblastomas xenotransplants in animals in animals. the data do not for the broad application possibility of onconase in various kinds of Krebs, except the gateway indications for mesothelioma, said Kuslima Shogen, Alfacell Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. We now have an even better understanding the mechanism that onconase using in bridging multiple drug resistance in various types of tumor. .

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