According to researchers at Duke Medication.

‘We could not show that there was a reliable cut point with this blood check for discriminating between individuals who are at risk for an event vs. And the ones who aren’t at risk predicated on platelet aggregation measurements,’ Roe said. ‘That's interesting, because previous research with sufferers undergoing coronary stent positioning show that the measurement was individually predictive. It might be that in this populace of medically treated ACS individuals, the correlation isn't robust and that these patients may react to these types of platelet inhibitors differently.The brain can be an extremely complex network, consisting of vast amounts of neurons interconnected by trillions of synapses or junctions where electrical currents are transmitted. To understand brain function, detailed understanding of these connections-questions such as which neurons connect synaptically with which other neurons, and where in the brain this interaction occurs-is vital. Disruption of this connectivity could cause many neuropsychiatric illnesses including autism and schizophrenia, but only one minute fraction of these connections have been mapped to date, explains Zador.