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Coca-Cola partners with medication maker Sanofi to make sketchy ‘beauty-enhancing’ beverage The apparent distinction between what defines a food versus a drug is apparently blurring, as beverage huge Coca-Cola has declared that it is teaming up with French drug maker Sanofi to release a new beauty-enhancing drink line referred to as Beautific Oenobiol. According to reports, the nutritional item will primarily be sold only in a handful of French pharmacies, with the potential to be sold to get and other shops later on. The 50-50 partnership between your two companies is component of a mutual diversification work designed to raise the companies’ market shares.Health care will evolve from a reactive ‘one-size-fits-all’ system towards a system of predictive, preventive, and precision care. Areas where personalized techniques are promising include oncology particularly, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, psychiatric disorders, diabetes and obesity, arthritis, discomfort, and Alzheimer’s disease. In all of these areas, and others, a customized molecular medication approach is expected to lead to better wellness outcomes, improved treatments, and reduction in toxicity because of adverse or variable drug responses. For instance, cancer patients will be screened to recognize those for whom chemotherapy would be ineffective. In addition to conserving on the expenses of expensive prescription drugs, this personalized treatment would prevent a great deal of suffering, while identifying and initiating earlier remedies that might be more effective.