According to analyze by a scientist at the University of Waterloo.

Applying eyeliner could cause vision problems Individuals who apply eyeliner on the inner eyelid work the risk of contaminating the optical eye and causing vision difficulty, according to analyze by a scientist at the University of Waterloo medication for anxiety . This is actually the first study to prove that particles from pencil eyeliner move into the optical eye. Dr. Alison Ng, at the Centre for Contact Lens Research at Waterloo, directed the scholarly research when she was at Cardiff University in Wales. The team's findings come in Contact and Eyesight Lens Research and Clinical Practice, the official peer-reviewed journal of the LENS Association of Ophthalmologists. Dr. Alison Ng and her colleagues used video recordings to see and compare the quantity of eyeliner contaminants that migrated in to the tear film – the thin coating protecting the attention – after applying makeup in various styles.

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