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Cantor Fitzgerald teams up with Health care Interactive to introduce new healthcare software management tool Cantor Insurance Group, a unit of Cantor Fitzgerald LP, has joined with Healthcare Interactive to introduce Cantor Health Interactive, a new healthcare software management tool to help businesses monitor and reduce their health care costs. Employers need sophisticated tools to measure and control these costs. Our technology will promote competition; competition shall lower the costs.Andrew Wakefield carried out operations on kids including colonoscopies and lumbar punctures which were arguably unnecessary and demonstrated ‘callous disregard for the distress and discomfort’ the kids might suffer due to his actions. The money was paid into an account kept by trustees at the Royal Free for the reasons of Dr. Wakefield’s study, so that five kids and their families could stay in hospital during assessments and for MRI scans for each child. However those costs would have been fulfilled by the NHS and Wakefield offers been accused of using the amount of money ‘for purposes other than those for which he said it had been needed’, that was both ‘dishonest’ and ‘misleading’.