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. There seems misunderstanding on the association of increased cesarean deliveries with elective induction of labor, a procedure that has been rising in frequency, said Aaron Caughey, lead author of the paper and a UCSF associate professor of obstetrics, Sciences,, gynecology and reproductive medicine But our findings with women and physicians must be paid to initiate the expectations of election, the http://cialisfrance.org click here . Elective induction can be done in a manner to avoid increase c-section rates – it is possible said Douglas Owens, director of the Stanford – UCSF Evidence-based Practice Center and an author of the study, Owens is a senior investigator with the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care system and professor of medicine at Stanford. In order to ensure evaluated evaluated the choices women and physicians must assess the team randomized controlled trials, that at a certain time in late pregnancy. Assigned women elective induction group or an expectant pregnancy group These studies showed that elective induction of labor at or after 41 weeks’ gestation lowered cesarean risk 22 per cent compared 22 per cent compared. The researchers also observed that women whose labor was electively induced half as likely meconium-stained amniotic fluid, a sign of fetal intrauterine stress have had. Both results suggest elective inductions may be safer than continuing pregnancy past 41 weeks. There is an important caveat to these results, however, obstetricians must be patient enough the see if the induction is working before deciding to try for a Caesarean section, presented the research team. We are concerned, are must can not our findings implement to many hospitals in the United States, said Caughey. Most of the studies reviewed the academic medical centers have been carried out, and many were carried out in other countries, he said, finding doctors in different settings may allow different amounts. Time for induction motor to operate Prior research has indicated that doctors often tend to proceed from starting an induction to cesarean fairly quickly.


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