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Chinese medicine for menstrual cramps Women with menstrual cramps tend to be offered either non steroidal anti-inflammatory medications or oral contraceptives. A lot of women, however, find that treatment does not work or they can not take the medicines, and more females would prefer a non-drug alternative. Chinese herbal medication has been used for years and years in China, being found in public hospitals to take care of unexplained cramps that take place during menstruation her . A team of Cochrane Experts has found evidence that CHM may provide one possible type of treatment.

Around this decision by the CFDA, the ACQUITY UPLC, MS/MS system is registered as a medical gadget in 29 countries in addition to the European Economic Region, which include yet another 30 countries.. A continuation of Waters' dedication to China also to growing scientific LC-MS applications worldwide, this registration represents the second Waters' mass spectrometer authorized for in vitro diagnostic applications in China. Related StoriesResearchers determine machines critical for development and survival of speciesNew data analysis platform reveals major flaw in GC-MS processEMBL experts use mass spectrometry data to investigate effects of cancer medications’The approval by the CFDA of ACQUITY UPLC MS/MS system as a medical gadget is significant for two reasons.