A leading provider of medical supplies to individuals in the true home.

With annual sales in calendar year 2012 of approximately $1 billion, which include the sales of the recently acquired Invacare Supply Group, AssuraMed currently serves a lot more than 1 million patients nationally with more than 30,000 products. Furthermore to broadening Cardinal Heath's reach in to the home, AssuraMed's experience in products for specific disease categories and little parcel logistics can significantly enhance Cardinal Health's ability to service customers across the broad ambulatory care and attention channel, including care sites such as for example physician offices and to get home health agencies.This improved technology is made to reduce fluoroscopy contact with physicians, lab personnel and patients alike, enhance visualization of the ablation catheters orientation and improve procedural efficiency. Dr. Daniel Melby, Cardiac Electrophysiologist from the Minneapolis Center Institute in Minneapolis, MN, was one of the primary to utilize the new technology in the usa. With all the Curve Visualization feature, the catheter position is more totally represented on the CARTO screen, thereby allowing less fluoroscopy make use of and much easier catheter positioning on difficult atrial locations.