991 women to breast and cervical cancers screening.

US researchers Dr Kelly Ackerson and Dr Stephanie Preston reviewed 19 research that between them explored the attitudes of 5,991 women to breast and cervical cancers screening. The studies, which covered the time 1994 to 2008, included women of all age groups, from 14 year-old teenagers to ladies in their eighties. ‘Our review demonstrated that dread could motivate females to either look for screening or to prevent screening’ says nurse researcher Dr Ackerson, an Associate Professor at Western Michigan University, USA. ‘Some women complied because they feared the condition and saw screening as routine care, but other females feared medical examinations, health care providers, tests and techniques and didn’t seek screening if their wellness was good. ‘Lack of details was a big barrier.Wellness Canada says the sets have significantly more than 600 milligrams of business lead per kilogram, which means they can not be advertised or offered, however they have nevertheless apparently been on store shelves since January this season. The pencils usually do not pose a risk unless a kid chews or sucks on them,which of course most children do and Health Canada has warned that also short-term contact with high lead levels can cause vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, coma or even death.