Incredible web feature from Australian site ‘Stop look listen’…

“There’s only a few projects that come along and make an instant, lasting impression. This week, I was lucky enough to come across a band that has done just that, in the shape of London’s Personal Life.

A music collective formed by Robert Strauss, the sound is classic soul/disco featuring the incredible vocal talent of Stuart Lisbie, with key members of Amy Winehouse’s band throwing down the timeless backing. To get a better idea of what the band’s all about, go no further than their own words:

“The vision for this project is to bring back into popular consciousness the sound, production, songwriting & musicality dating back to the glory days of the music industry, when commercial pop also meant culturally significant, sophisticated and catchy music made with integrity for people of all ages to enjoy.”

And I’m happy to report that this is a mantra that the band more than lives up to on their new album, ‘Morning Light’.

Sitting somewhere between the lyrical quality of Lionel Richie and set against instrumentals reminiscent of Chaka Khan or more recently Jamiroquai, this is disco-funk as it was, back in the day. I’m still trying to get my head around the fact this was recorded recently…

Music for all ages and persuasions, from a truly golden age. I just need to see these guys live now – if they can make me dance like a ‘gay unicorn’ in my lounge, who knows what they can do on stage. :-)“

Easily the best band in the UK at the moment – simply stunning

Likely to be the jazz funk record of the year, if not simply record of the year

Personal Life’s, Morning Light will become entrenched as one of THE great British soul albums, right up there with Soul II Soul’s debut… yep, it’s that good.

Personal Life’s debut album isn’t a throwback record – it’s a refreshing record that fills a gaping hole in the R&B / Soul genre

Video of Personal Life smashing it live at a sold out show in Sao Paolo, Brazil. This is our rendition of a the late great Joe Sample’s song ‘Rainy Day In Monterey’ turning into funk jamming madness…watch it to the end to see
Video of Personal Life smashing it live at a sold out show in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Playing ‘One Step Closer’ live is always heavy funk affair…